Music Instruments for Sale

MIM Fender Stratocaster with all american made electronics including Dimarzio PAF humbucker in bridge position, and Dimarzio red velvets in the middle/neck positions. Has all correct pots, capacitors, wiring, shielding.

The Pro-Mark Mike Portnoy Autograph Series Drumstick is a hickory stick that is slightly smaller in diameter than a hickory 5A with a 747 taper and a nylon tip.

Complete high quality 1/2 size violin from Shar Products in Ann Arbor, case, bow and chin support. Model DF 400 Otto Ernst Fisher. Perfect for an accomplished young violinist..

15 watt fender frontman amp. This amp was barely used and gets loud. It would be a perfect addition to any guitar set up. If interested please call 517-898-677three. Thanks for looking..

13" Zildjian K Hi Hats - In perfect condition. - Cymbals look and sound amazing. - Vented bottom hat to prevent air-lock. - Includes both top and bottom cymbals. - Warm with solid "chick" sound and incredibly fast response.

Knilling Summit 3/4 size Cello. Beautiful cello, lovely sound, in excellent condition, includes backpack style soft case and bow. Cash only.

Used Wireless for Guitar or adapt to Microphone 1 Manual Great Shape.

Brown Mahogany polished finish. Rich sound and pristine condition. Purchased new in 2009 for $3,600. This piano now goes for $4,000 new. Weber piano by Young Chang.

With Anvil or Soft Case 2 Left.

New set of strings Crack in seam of the body Just Something to get Started.....

I have 3 trombones a conn, a Jupiter and a vintage roth. all play and are in pretty good shape.

Innovative Field Series FS2 Marching Snare Drumsticks (IP FS2 Snare Sticks) The FS2 is constructed of heartwood hickory like all of the Field Series Marching Drumsticks.

I am selling a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL100. I have had this amp for several years and it is a great sounding amp. It is 3 channels with 2 fx loops... separate bass, mid, treble controls on each of the foot switchable channels. This amp has reverb too.

Circa 1923 King Trumpet Completely Baroque Embellished New Valves All reconditioned w/ New Case 4 Mouthpieces 4.

Stack with eddie van hallen 5150 head. Loud. Sounds good.

Hammond VS-300 Organ asking $70 OBO From a smoke free home, Last known to work. Includes bench with storage and instruction manual. See photo for details. (Sponsored by St.

this is a nice set of vintage barcly drums, highly collectable and hard to find..

Hello! I am selling a new Main Street 36" size acoustic guitar. It is solid spruce wood with nickel tuning pegs, a very straight neck, decent sound, and a very accessible neck for those with smaller hands. The color is blue.

This is an amazing sounding splash cymbal in great condition - very lightly used. This particular Signature series is a rare find, since they're now made under the AAX series which are sold elsewhere for over $130. This splash is yours for only $70..

Have a GK BLX 4x10" bass cabinet for sale. It's nice and loud, great for playing shows, but also small and light enough that it's easy to transport. Asking $350 OBO.

15 inch 2 way PA speakers. They are very efficient at 103 db 1watt/1 meter. These speakers pack a serious punch and are in great shape. If interested please call