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Star Wars GI Joe MOTU Thundercats PacMan Star Trek BattleStar Galactica Snarf SilverHawks Sky Commander Dino Riders Adventure People GhostBusters Gremlin ET Munsters Addams Family A Team Rambo Superman Batman Marvel Universe . ..

serious buyers please GENESEE 12 HORSE ALE BEER SIGN.

"DOPE---THE SLAVEMAKER", 1923 Hearst (Used for Cover of "THE DOPE CHRONICLES") "DOPE---THE SLAVEMAKER" Surreal Editorial Page Sunday New York American William Randolph Hearst One Original Authentic Newspaper Page 1923 Appx 17" X 21.

80+ He-Man MOTU (MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE) Action Figures, Comics, et al, 1980s This collection of appx 80+ He-Man (MOTU, Masters of the Universe) Action Figures, etc.---is in generally good condition. Most are marked MATTEL or M.I.

I paid almost $300 for this 2.5 years ago. If you're looking at this listing then you most likely already know what this is. It is a limited production run collectible item. Only 1,000 figures were created.

30 for the big ones 20 for the medium one 10 for the little one.

Beautiful ceramic figures that measure 30" x 10" and are in mint condition. These came from an estate sale and are not cheap imports. Asking $250..

23 PEE-WEE HERMAN 6" Action Figures, 1987, Herman Toys, Matchbox,Formal & Casual "This collection of 23 Pee-Wee Herman 6" Action Figures is in generally good condition. Previously played with toys. There are 10 coats.

Collection of 43 Transformers, Robots, et al, AS IS, Many 1980s, JAPAN, Takara This lot of 43 Transformers, Robots, et al is being sold AS IS. There will be some parts missing, some mechanisms that do not work, etc.

12 Metal Disney Mini Figures 12 different: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy Appx 1.5"-2". Bimbo (?) promotional give-aways in Mexico (1990s).

Original 1984 Democratic Convention Briefcase & Jacket San Francisco, 1984 Legal sized Briefcase---Mfgd by Levi Strauss & Co. All logos and patches intact. Zipper works. Given exclusively to member of the Media.

7 BULLFIGHTER/TORERO Cards,1950s-60s, Carlos Arruza, Procuna, Ortega, Brand, etc 7 BULLFIGHT/TORERO Lobby Cards Featuring Bullfighters: Carlos Arruza, Jean Brand, Luis Procuna, Domingo Ortega, et al Un toro me llama (1968) Director: Miguel Ángel.

44 Different Strawberry Shortcake (SSC) Minis + 3 Scarce Lanard Minis, 1981-1983 These 47 different PVC SSC Minis (3 are LANARD) were hand-picked out of an inventory of several hundred pieces. We chose those in best condition.

1994 15 piece set---Looney Tunes/Pepsi 15 figure pvc set was released in several (non-US) countries as part of a Pepsi promotion. All between 2.5" and 3.5" tall. Made in Macau. 1. Foghorn: On bongos. 2. Tweety: With mohawk haircut. 3.

S E X Madonna Serial # 0531397 Š 1992 First Printing: October 1992 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 All pages intact, including Comic Used, some slight signs of wear. 13.

18 Original Authentic ELVIS PRESLEY Lobby Cards from 17 different Films, 1960s This collection of 18 original authentic Lobby Cards from Mexico, for 17 ELVIS PRESLEY Movies, is in generally good condition.

Revista SOMOS, 30 Magazines, Actresses-Cine Mexicano-Epoca de Oro 30 Different Vintage Magazine Issues Revista SOMOS UNO Cine Mexicano Actresses, Female Movie Stars 'Epoca de Oro' Ana Luisa Peluffo Blanca Estela Pavon Dolores del Rio 1 Dolor.

GENE AUTRY 9 Original Authentic Lobby Cards from Mexico From 9 GENE AUTRY Films, 1951-1953 Appx 12.5" X 16. $250 150,000 Original Authentic Jumbo Lobby Cards, 1930s-1980s 145 Lists of 10,000 Titles: 5000 Sample JPGs:

Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey"---4 Large Theater Displays printed in Italy by Rotolito, Roma released in MX 1. 2 men at control panel looking out of front window at rocky terrain, red tint 2.

Jack in the Box Toys (87) from 1995-2003: 1995 Bendable Jack set of 3, 1995 Jack trading cards 2 sets of 16, 1996 Back Jack for President-7 bumper stickers, 1996 Don't blame me I voted for Jack-4 bumper stickers, 1997 Bendable Jack 2 sets of 4, 1997.

See picture 92122-2537.

STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION WRITERS? DIRECTORS GUIDE published September 8, 1987. Good condition, slight watermark and color transfer on cover to first page. 52 pages, many illustrations.

4 Cat 8.5" Plates mfg by Schmid in 1982 "Cat Tails" by Lowell Davis: First limited edition "Right Church, Wrong Pew" with coa, box & stand. Second limited edition "Company's Coming" with coa, box & stand.

Complete set of 43 regular edition Chevron cars, all 3 limited edition Chevron cars, 5 of 13 college sports edition cars, 3 of 4 pro sports edition cars, 9 of 10 special edition cars, 4 of 5 Autopia cars.